• Internet Banking


The ACH (Automated Clearing House) Network offers an easy way to manage the funds that go in and out of your business accounts. ACH works just like using checks – except payments are made electronically, directly to and from your accounts.

Make Payments

Schedule secure, efficient transfers of funds from your business accounts to multiple recipients at a time on a recurring or one-time basis.

  • Direct Deposit of paychecks to employees’ accounts
  • Schedule payments for regular bills such as loans, vendors, local, state and federal taxes, etc.
  • Business-to-Business payments are easy and secure

Receive Payments

Receive payments directly into your account from customers, other businesses and more.

  • Receive clients’ payments on time, every time
  • Access your funds right away, no waiting
  • Collect bills without sending invoices via regular mail

ACH Services help you maximize the efficiency of your business and improve your relationship with your employees and business partners.

Payroll Process

ACH makes your payroll process easy and automatic. Employees receive their wages on payroll day, directly into their accounts, and you save time and money with fewer checks to buy, print, sign, mail and reconcile.


Reduce the risk of fraud and minimize the chances of lost or stolen checks with ACH. All payments made to and from your accounts are done electronically over a secure network. Plus, automatic payments keep errors low.


Whether you’re sending or receiving payments, funds transfers occur as scheduled, without the delay of mailing and processing. You can also send invoices directly to customers electronically.


Lower the costs of checks, invoices, processing and administration when paying partners or employees and when receiving payments from customers.

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